Amazing Faithfulness

Our Lord gives to us His amazing faithfulness. In every corner, in every moment, and as we watch year pile upon year, it is the same abundance of Himself that He showers. What a wonderful Friend!

As a child I sang “What a Friend we have in Jesus,” and it has come to mean my life. I am a person who loves friends. Yet, only the Lord Jesus is truly my “Best Friend.” I have a wonderful husband, daughter, sons, friends (some very close and dear ones), yet it is the Lord who is always there. It is the Lord who makes my paths straight. It is the Lord who gives me songs in the night. It is the Lord who greets me with Himself each morning. It is the Lord.

When he told us in 2 Peter 1:3 that He has given us all things for life and godliness, He really wasn’t kidding. He is the “all things.” Now just how wonderful can it get?!!!

Today is a study day, because tonight is our Friday Fellowship night in Psalm 19 Ministries. I am preaching on “Giving Grace,” and looking forward to the time both in study and in flight on my feet in the Holy Spirit through the Word.

Overshowed by His presence and His holding — I turn to digging in the Word. What joy!!!

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