He Calls

Beloved Readers, thank you for staying with me as we journey in the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ together. Some of you have read here for years, and others are just joining us, thank you. I have had this blog since 2005, and have written and written over the years. During this past year, I have written little. But, that is changing – simply because He is Calling for me to begin again and write His Heart through me. So we begin again.

As most of you know, I have taught Bible for many, many years and I am not a young thing at all. Instead, my 81 years have been spent in Him and with Him. In past days, I have not been as aware of His presence as much as now. So the writing may seem to have changed – I truly pray so. My awareness of His presence with me day in and day out has proven to be a “changer” in all ways. As I explore Him through the Spirit that dwells within me (according to His Word), I am discovering how much He really wants to share. So we will share.

I am certain that at times, some of my own thoughts will leak out within His, as they do now and again, but that is what He loves – Him and me interchanging thoughts and reality through His lenses and my own. I have discovered that He considers me His treasure and therefore He delights in my thoughts. I find that even though His thoughts are so much more profound and prophetic, He allows and delights in mine as well as His own.

So as we develop that more completely through the next few months, join me here and let’s see what we have to say, for He lives within, if we have been born from above. So since those who are His are one in Him and with Him (“But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.”1 Corinthians 6:17 KJV) we will find marvelous things, not only as we study His Word, but also as we study how He moves in us to speak and to do. May it be His breathe that flows through our thoughts as we travel further upward.

Holy Spirit, Lead. Thank you!

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