When The Water Rises

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“When The Water Rises” was my topic last Friday evening when Psalm 19 Ministries gathered for our regular fellowship. We have been studying Philippians, and the Lord impressed me with a new way of “seeing” what Paul was sharing. The entire first chapter has several very important themes; prayer, thanksgiving, fellowship and on and on. However, as we began the study a few weeks ago, I was impressed to see the victorious nature of Paul’s thoughts as he moved freely in the Holy Spirit to bless these supporters. (1:7; 4:10)

We had just finished Ephesians 6 with a study of God’s armor we are to wear. Now in Philippians we are studying how that all works. How do we live in our “real world” in a constant state of victory? I believe Paul has given us keys all through Philippians just how these choices are made.

(Both of these lessons are available on our web site and on YouTube. In our site just go to video’s. The latest one is the first one listed. On YouTube, just search for Iris Godfrey and about 80 videos will appear. Pick the one you wish to watch).

You may watch them to understand the #10 mindsets I found. I am certain there are more. What I want us to understand together today is that He works with us to bring us into victory and continues with us in participation to keep us there. Victory doesn’t just happen without our participation in Him in some realm and we cannot be there constantly without an even deeper measure of participation with Him. He moves on our behalf, of course, but even that is hinged in my willing, cooperative heart in His.

We, as believers, have for many years sought the action of a God who lives outside of us to act upon us and upon our circumstances in order to create change. Well, He does that, but He is not just outside of us. He changed all that when the Lord Jesus poured out His Holy Spirit into our hearts and upon our lives on that beautiful celebration day of Pentecost – 50 days after His death and resurrection. He forever changed the situation between us by eliminating every definition of distance between us. He has chosen to live within and in fusion with all who call on His name. What an absolute wonderful miracle that is.

But now we are challenged to come away –  beyond all of our ingrained religious thinking and focus on sin that is there, and truly accept the freedom He has given to us through the marvelous cleansing of His blood. (Hebrews 10:1-10) It is more than I can take in, but I choose to enter that place of total acceptance and rejoice in Him – in His temple – me. Awesome! I pray you enjoy the teachings.

Blessing you!

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