Our God of Covenants

New Institute of Biblical Studies Course! I have studied the covenants of Scripture for years and have found that the entirety of the Word of God is built around an Eternal Covenant – composed of all the others from Creation to the Second Coming and beyond. This is a new study and we are primarily observing from the Word the revelation of the nature of our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through each unfolding covenant. Many do not understand what a “covenant” is. This will be explored Biblically. The entire a class will be an experience in great discoveries from the Word of God.

Plan now to join us. You may sign up on line at: psalm19ministries.org. If you are not in our area and desire to study with us, we will work via email and video after each class. We do not have the availability to do a protected live-stream at this point. However, it will seem like you are with us even though you will be able to study when it is convenient for you. Pray about it and sign up. It will be worth the time and investment as your fellowship in our Lord Jesus will deepen and expand.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.45.29 PM

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