The Word Dawns!

I am indebted to my dear friend and  daughter-in-faith, Renee Hoyle, for this beautiful photo  I am using above forScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.44.48 AM the “header.” You can see its full beauty in the photo just below this post.

The word of our Lord is not to only be understood in the mind but also to be grasped in the place of our deepest “aha.” There is a “dawning” when we really get it. I watch this happened over and over in my students, and I await my own interior having the same delightful response when something is unfold by the Spirit in our time with the Word! It is a “dawning” that will literally re-direct my thinking for the entire day. It is like a new discovery that never, never gets old and never, never ends.

Years ago when I was teaching four or five (depending upon the week) Bible classes, I would go from one to the other in such newness and awareness of His marvels stored in the word. One such week, I asked the Lord, “When do I run out?” His response was beautiful. In my heart I heard , “I don’t.” It is so true. I might run out if I was teaching what I knew or understood from my own resources, but He is a resource than is ever faithful and never ending. He continues to pour Himself out in joy and glory as I receive what He has to say.

Our Bibles contain the wisdom of the universe – oh not all written down. The written down part is to allow us to have words to think on, but those words explode in His presence in such a way that one could teach all day on one verse or less. What a deposit of glory has been given to us in the Book!

One of the first times I saw this in action was at a women’s retreat years and years ago. A lady by the name of Iverna Tompkins was teaching and she taught the entire week-end on two verses in Genesis. I was overjoyed, stunned and challenged. I asked the Lord to let me teach like that. Oh I did not have in mind “like Iverna,” not at all. I had in mind learning to allow Him to reveal such glories and Himself through the written page. He is and has been faithful these many, many years.

I am preparing to teach today — an Institute level class on Hebrews 5-6. Even though I have written the text-book my students are using, and even though I have taught Hebrews many, many times – yet today it is new and alive and revealing itself in ways I have never seen. And I guess that is the point for me and for you. He wants us to “see.” Oh precious Lord Jesus, let it be so – in me and in my students – now and always!

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