Hearing God

Hearing God is probably the easiest thing a Believer can do. The Lord simply does all the work and we simply and willingly receive. It is as easy as:

  • Sit quietly.
  • Turn your thoughts to hearing.
  • Begin to respond to what you hear.

His voice will probably sound like your own. This need not trouble nor concern you. Yours is the main voice He can use inside of you. His audible voice is vastly different from what our “receivers” can receive, at least when we first begin. So in order to allow us to hear gradually, He simply uses the voice with-in us that we are accustomed to.

How Do I Know It is Him?

You will know. He speaks only according to His word and in the beginning may quote Himself to you. However, once you get accustomed to Him speaking, then it will and can become exceedingly personal. You will know the tenor and tone of His voice, so as you hear Him more and more, you will begin to know immediately if it is you or Him. This just takes practice.


One way I urge people to start is to begin to journal your thoughts by either writing or typing using a journaling program. I call it my Prayer Journal. I record what I am thinking and what I want to share with Him with the understanding that He is listening and knows I am open to respond. Then I change the ink color and listen to His response recording that as we move in conversation. It slows everything down but eventually it becomes richer and richer as you move together in conversation in Him. As time passes, you will be able to do this without the journal, but to continue to grow in this richness, journaling, or something else that causes you to spend quality time in His presence talking with Him, is needful for all of us.

He Is Always Loving

Do not expect to hear correction. He is always loving and rich in grace toward us. If we need correction, most likely we already know about that. The Word He has spoken is enough
(more than enough) to let us know how we need to conduct ourselves. We usually know if we are out of balance and off base.

In a mature relationship each individual involved begins and looks forward to sharing with the other individual. So too in this relationship. When we begin to hear, we are usually exceedingly self-centered and so our words to Him are all about me and mine. As time goes by, and we mature in our conversations with Him, we become willing recipients of His sharing. This can (and usually does) open doors of insight and revelation out of the Scriptures as well as the faith-sight of things we have not seen.

This is just a beginning of items I would like to share on the subject of prayer. I will share more as time allows.

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