Really, Really, Really, Really Ready for Spring!

ImageI am sooooooo…… ready for spring! I know it is just mid-March and we are not quite finished with winter, but my heart is ready for my hands to get out in the flower gardens and feel the soil. That sounds strange, but in central New York at this time of the year we get really, really, really, really ready for spring! My photo of a beautiful garden full of tulips taken a few years ago in a neighbor’s yard, would tell the story, but since we are not quite there yet, just one highlighted. Amazing what photo programs can do.

In reality….


This is what is real. Another cold blast coming in. This was taken a few moments ago with my cell phone as I stood just outside the door of my office looking south. All Greek and Bible classes are canceled for today – a wise call indeed. But since I live close by, Joe and I are here working; Jim Corso also, since his activity was cancelled and he too lives near. So we work on other matters. But my heart just wanted to pour out a bit. Not quite a lament, but close I guess. It was 50 degrees yesterday, but here we are and it is to be only 7 for a low tonight. So those of you in warmer climates can know our hearts long to feel some of your warmth.

That being said, I love Central New York and all the beauty it offers through-out the year, so no real complaints really, just a bit of longing. The people are warm and friendly and the Body of Christ precious. So I am thankful for my appointment to this area of the world.

When we walk on assignment, then it is never just our choice as to where to live. It is the Lord’s will I choose and wherever He has need of us, we go. I love what He has done during the last 48 years by sending us from Texas to the Northeast. We spent 11 years in Vermont and the remaining 37 have been here in Central New York. We are blessed indeed.

So Spring will come and I will rejoice and be able to get dirt in my fingernails and enjoy the iris beds that will be in bloom. I will try to post that when it happens. It will be May before too much green appears, but next month some will begin to be seen.

So today will be used for study and preparation for days ahead. It is good. Thank you Lord, for the snow and the cold that allow us such joy in the springtime glory, when it appears. You know what you are about and we choose to bless you and our world in the process. May you be magnified in our hearts and in our mouths this very cold, snowy day.

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