Time to Dust the Blog Off!

I realize I have not blogged in some time, and even though I am aware of the reasons that are present in my own life, it is still my intent to be very active as a blogger I enjoy writing this blog. It gives me the opportunity & ability to inter-act with people who love our Lord from all over the world.

Teaching our Lord's word is awesome. I have the privilege of doing that all the time and through many different venues. Yet blogging, is a very unique venue to touch the world.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me as well. So even though my teaching schedule is about to get really busy (always happens in Fall), yet that actually helps me write and blogging is a part of that call. So we are beginning again. Let's have a good time in the Word. More to come this afternoon.

I am using a blogging program on my iPad so I can learn to do this even on the move. I have been enjoying reading an e-book this morning about hidden secrets to increase joy & efficiency with this device so time to use some of these apps that have been waiting on me for months.

Now let's see how this works.

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