The Interactive Prayer – WOW!

“But the end of all things is at hand:be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”1 Peter 3:16 KJV

This passage is a bit different in the Greek. We are being told to understand that the end is near and that our time is extremely important. We are to be “of a sound mind,” which many translate “alert,” and that is O.K. but the phrase here actually goes a bit deeper. It means to keep one’s mind in areas of usefulness; to think soundly instead of having our thoughts ruled by our emotional situation. In emotional times, we cannot think clearly in order to “see” clearly. The Lord always draws near as we tune into Him, but to have a mind that is alert and thinking appropriately, releasing faith is a huge asset when it comes to praying what is needed. The second thing is to “be sober,” which we equate with a lack of drunkenness from any source. The word can mean that, but it also includes other items. “…properly, to be sober (not drunk), not intoxicated; (figuratively) free from illusion, i.e. from the intoxicating influences of sin (like the impact of selfish passion, greed, etc.).” Strong’s definition. So we see, that our behavior is also included. 

The prayer Peter is encouraging is what we would call a “Spirit-filled prayer.” It is a prayer that is spoken through a heart and mind that is thinking clearly and able to “see” with eyes of the Spirit into what is true. Now we are always to pray, regardless of our situation. However, this verse is encouraging prayer during your best moments of the day – not the sleepiest ones. Those sleepy prayers are always good and received, but He wants to use us in prayer in other ways than just for me and mine. We need to be able to allow the Spirit to unfold Himself in us in such ways as to make clear how we are to pray. This is a dialogue, not a monologue. It is an interaction in Spirit with brain full on. No specific “need” is needed here, for the flow of the Spirit through the renewed mind is releasing prayer that reaches beyond need into the recourses of the Lord, already given. It releases and receives faith and instruction for life. It is a river that never ceases and that always fills and renews, for how can one touch Almighty God and not be truly renewed! 

3 thoughts on “The Interactive Prayer – WOW!

  • I think that this was a very interesting in the points you made about the different meanings the word sober can mean. The problem is that some people its impossible for their minds to be clear either emotionally or drug induced under doctors orders. Are you saying they will miss out on their special time of the word? Do you believe that if a person does everything as taught that eventually they will no longer need doctors care or medicine to control there diagnosis?

  • Jean, good questions. I will try to answer them, at least a little bit. I believe everyone who chooses a time with the Lord will have special times. This is not a legalistic understanding. A person, who for some reason, cannot think clearly (and we are all there at times) will still have very special and gifted time with the Lord, if they choose. I was simply urging those who can and do have periods of great clarity to use some of that time to think with the Lord. No measurement intended as to anyone being left out. No one is left out in Him, but we have differing capabilities at differing times in our lives. It is not comparative to others at all.
    As to the “total healing” if one does all that the Scripture says, etc… no, that is not what I believe. However, there is healing in Him and in the Scriptures. Dr.’s are to be used when needed. It is, again, not one against another, just the freedom in Him to live as needed.
    I hope this helps. It is hard for us not to think there are “ladders” of getting closer to Him and therefore, in that place more things open to us. This is simply not so. The Lord has no ladder, and it is impossible to get closer to Him, as He lives in us. We can, however, become more aware of His presence and begin to enjoy Him in dimensions we have not known before.
    He treats us all individually.There is no grading and particularly not one on a curve of accomplishment in His heart of love. He loves you so and is empowering your journey. Keep on keeping on dear Lady.

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