To All My Readers –

I have only been able to blog one session of the Elim Leadership Conference. I had hoped to at least give you a synopsis of each evening session. My apologies for not being able to do that. These sessions (daytime and evening) were three days filled to overflowing with outstanding leadership training for those who walk in the Spirit realm. The Conference is over and my iPad is brimming with so much more than I could possibly share.

After each session, my heart and head were so full, and then there was the fellowship with others – all took time. So alas, I have not been able to get even the evening synopsis completed. So during the first part of next week, I plan on giving you some of that data. I just wanted you to know I did not forget – just had way too much to even process. That will take some time.

I have been to many leadership conference in my life, but none quite this full and effective, especially in dealing with spiritual and Biblical matters. It was superb.

Thank you for reading. You always bless me by doing so. Now to get the final touches on my lesson tonight ready for Friday Fellowship in Syracuse, NY. Come join us at the Blble Learning Center (6138 S. Salina St.) at 7 pm.

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