Embrace #1 – Culture of Prayer

It has been a good day here at the Annual Elim Leadership Conference. I am ordained through Elim, so I enjoy coming here each spring to receive much from my Lord. The time and funds are always some of the best investment I make. This one appears to be excellent in every way.

I attended the Elim Fellowship Annual Business Meeting this afternoon and was blessed by the 30 minutes of worship before the business – then a timely meeting just a bit over an hour. It was worth the time.

Tonight the Elim Gospel Church (where we meet) was nicely filled – many came. That really blessed me. It will hold a few over 1,000 and even though it was not completely full, it was almost so.

Mark Batterson, author of The Circle of Prayer was our speaker for the evening. After a beautiful time in prayer he was introduced and began what was a most encouraging and delightful teaching on prayer. I will post below some of the highlights (for me) during that time. Read and enjoy.

It is possible that you are doing what The Lord has called you to do and have Him oppose you. If what you do your work in pride – then the Bible specifically states He opposes that. (The motive determines the nature of the fruit). Sometimes our plans must fail, so His can succeed. I am far more interested in personal growth rather than church growth.
Acts 10 The power of a single prayer: Faith is the willingness to look foolish. God honors bold prayers. You a one prayer away from a different life.
Cornelius prayed all the time and gave generously. In the development of my ministry at one point I realized I had failed because I had not created a culture of prayer at my assignment. We began a 40 day prayer challenge. 2 Chron. 7:14 was where we started – we circled that promise for 40 days and WOW! A small Baptist church decided to give us their property. We are not a Baptist church. We need to get on our knees so we can see what God see's regularly. He has a sovereign surprise up His Holy sleeve.
You cannot manufacture the miracle, but if you get on your knees, one day, God will show up. Cornelius's giving and prayer was a memorial offering that was honored by God. He was asked by God to step outside his reality, into a parallel universe, if you will. We usually want more information. Cornelius sent for that which was asked for. Many of us stop ministering out of imagination and minister out of memory.
There are ways to do church that we know nothing about. More about that tomorrow.
Spiritual contracts are far more binding than those we make in flesh. We locked in our coffee house building by prayer. Coffee houses are modern wells. Holy Spirit + caffeine = awesome. When the Spirit of God prompts, it is time to step out. We want God to do something new and different, while we do the same ole thing, the same ole way. “Surely not Lord.” You will loose that argument.
We want God to move first, because that takes no faith. We must make the first move – then He moves. Sometimes God shows up and sometimes He shows off. There will come moments when your reputation will be on the line – Peter does this.
Peter enter the house – this is the turning point in the church. In the moment Peter entered the house everything changed. The Gentile church is present because two people prayed.
You are one prayer away from a different life. Don't worry about meeting the right people, you meet with God. He takes care of the rest. Meet with Me in the morning, you will not have to worry about meeting with others later in the day.
ALAT = as long as it takes.

That is it in a nutshell. More tomorrow. Thanks for joining in this journey with me.


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