Grace – The Difference – Prayer/Worship/Communion

Our Saturday evening session included not only the worship and the teaching but also a lengthy time of body ministry. So this person was way too tired to continue to post. So I will catch up this Monday morning.

Pictured here are some more of our worship team: Mike and Tina Hook + Tim Stogsdill. Not shown in any of my photos is my husband, Joe. (It is very fine with him not to be seen in the photo’s). He was our bass player for the week-end and our electronic “techie.” Do not know what we would do without him! He is God’s gift to all of us.

On Saturday evening after the worship, Iris taught and we worked with what difference does the knowledge of grace make in our understanding of prayer. Included was an examination of our thought processes about prayer, which is intended to be “communication” with our Lord. How have we formalized it into a “law” expression, instead of an expression of relationship? We looked at this in light of the work of Christ: He has forgiven our sins (2,000) years ago; We are pleasing to God because of the person of Christ – no our own works; His has given us all things for life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3) etc… It was interesting to see and to sense the internal processing of all of us. The Lord is so good.

Then we began to pray for one another in light of the good promises of God, instead of our “apparent need.” whether that was for healing or for other items. The praying and rejoicing and receiving went on for several hours. The Lord is so very good in every way and His presence was very warm and heavy among us.

On Sunday morning after a lengthy worship, Lauren taught Grace – The Difference – Worship/The Lord’s Supper. She covered both items, again in the light of Grace and the provisions of the Lord for us that are already in place. It was, once again, a very thought provoking session where we examined our thoughts and customs in the light of revealed New Covenant truth, not returning to the “Ole pitiful-unworthy me thoughts,” but celebration thoughts because of all that our Lord Jesus has accomplished on our behalf – receiving and in thankfulness – rejoicing and remembering He is coming again. Then we shared communion in HIs presence – counting on all His promises.

What a wonderful week-end. Thank you for all who entered it with us in prayer as well as all who were there. We are so grateful for all the Lord accomplished. It was a wonderful Winter Conference!

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