Grace – The Difference -(Fact or Truth)

Rev. Lauren Godfrey taught this morning (after worship with Tonia) presenting us with an understanding of the difference between the “facts” of our lives and the “truth” of God’s word. The facts are circumstantial and often are not what the Word says at all.

She worked with how we choose to perceive our situations determines whether or not we can work with faith in the mix of our lives and all the change and obvious difficulties we are called to live with and in. It was a joy to watch this fine teacher work with how faith works and our responses to our circumstances.

It was an excellent lesson and really appropriate in this theme.


She then invited Rev. Mike and Rev. Tina Hook (Assembly of God missionaries to Scotland ) to join her. She interview them about the various challenges they have and have had in accepting the call of God to become missionaries. They were precious and open in sharing with us their call and their “sharable” trials. We were all enriched and blessed by their sharing.

After some worship, we dismissed for a delicious lunch and to our rooms for rest. Everyone, that is except the Board of Directors who spent about an hour praying and working together. I am so blessed to have such a godly, Holy Spirit  filled Board. Thank you Lord Jesus, for all.

One thought on “Grace – The Difference -(Fact or Truth)

  • Thank you Iris for these updates – you often use the word “choose” which has helped me a lot in my spiritual journey – it helps me see God’s view and get me above the circumstances.


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