Winter Conference

I apologize once again to my readers for being so absent from writing on this blog. My life has been so very busy these past few weeks (teaching, family, etc…) I have done little except think about Mannaword. so I am intending to change all that beginning today.

We are off to Winter Conference here at Psalm 19 and I am very excited about our ministry time away. It is also nice that my husband and daughter are a part of this with me and will be helping at conference. In fact, my daughter Lauren will be teaching 1/2 of the time. My husband Joe, is on our worship team (keyboard) and then is in charge of the digital recording, both DVD and CD. So we are all quite busy, but we love the time.

We have a small group coming, but that only means it can be more intimate and class-like in it design. It will give us an opportunity for interaction that is not do-able with a larger group. We will be digging into the Word, and I have promised them we will not be in shallow water.

What I am hoping to do is to blog through the conference. The Conference Center where we will be is wifi-ed, so it should work. So stay tuned and let’s see if I can give you just a taste of what the Lord is doing among us as we travel in His Word.

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