Truly Focused

I am preparing for teaching three sessions at Psalm 19 Ministries’ Spring Conference this coming week-end, so my mind is totally focused that direction. Our theme is from John 10:10 where our Lord makes this statement, “I have come that they may have life and life abundantly.” The Lord has led me to John 17 for the time of our discoveries. As I pondered this section of Scripture I wrote down the concepts that came “at me” as I read. These are the words I wrote in answer to this question: “Just what are the characteristics of the life Jesus has given us?”

Inter-connectivity – Unity
Full of Glory

In only three sessions???? Well, the Lord is able, so we will work with them and allow Him. I am having a wonderful time with Him as these are developed. What an unfolding of this section of Scripture. I have never looked at it just this way before.

He truly leads us in wonderful pastures. I pray you have a blessed week-end. I know I am going to enjoy myself in our Lord. Wonderful Spirit-filled worship, allowing the unfolding of His Word, sweet remembrance communion time, and deep, precious fellowship (People from at least 8 different denominations will be present — wonderful)–don’t know of anything better. I will try to post some of the discoveries after the conference is completed. I will be on vacation with my daughter the first three days of the week, but after that I will try to post some of His leadings.

2 thoughts on “Truly Focused

  • Yep, you need ten sessions. I’m already starting to ponder the implications of a “sacred” life.

    But I have to stop. I am meeting some other Revs. and spouses for Mongolian barbeque down in Milwaukee.

    Looking forward to what you glean on these topics.

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