What is my focus?

I am changing the title to “What is My Focus” simply because I think the other phrase does too much pointing of the finger at others and therefore basically dishonest. Whatever the Lord’s item of conviction in me probably is also in others, but one should not apply the thoughts to others, but to one’s own self. 

My focus in my life makes all the difference. As I live and work and listen I am easily distracted from the single focus of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know the events in my life lately have tended to distract me. Even the joy (absolute joy) of my ministry going into our own meeting place has the potential to distract me from my primary call. Every good matter, and ever matter of circumstance that has little to do with anyone but me, still is potentially distracting from my call and purpose in Jesus. 
Even my call and purpose can distract me. That seems like an odd thing, but it is true. I can get caught up in what “I” am to be doing and saying etc… so that my time with our Lord is consumed in talking about “me,” and ends up with no time for Him.  
Health concerns, family concerns, ministry concerns, church concerns and on and on it goes. Now in my time with my Lord Jesus, He, of course, is very interested in all of this that is going on in my heart, but where is my focus. Is it in me, or are my prayers directed at finding out about Him and His heart? That is why the Word must always play a vital part in our prayer time. How can I spend time with Him and never concern myself with Him. Somehow I seem to manage — I bet you do to.
I know this is a lot of rambling, but I just wanted to write it out for myself and whoever might be reading. The Lord is to be our focus and gives us every power to allow that. I once again choose Him to be that focus of my moments and days. Everything else will fall into place when that is done.

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