Making the Simple Wise

The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simply; (Psalm 19:7b)”

This is an absolutely wonderful fact! As I study the Word of God, my simple mind that has such limited understanding of life and circumstances, actually becomes wise from the spiritual point of view. There is a transformation that occurs in the mind of a person who chooses the Word of God over the delights that the world offers.

I find this wonderful. As I choose the written Word, the Word who Himself is God, gently unfolds Himself out of book form into life form into my heart, and empowers me to see from His point of view. I become wise in the wisdom of Almighty God.

1 Corinthians 2:16 says, “But we have the mind of Christ.Many have questioned about this verse, “How can that be.” The secret is hidden in the printed page Word. The mind of Almighty God has been stored for whosoever will choose it. If I continue thinking in my own circles, then all I have is whatever I have been able to accumulate in my mind. However, if I will choose to read, study, and meditate on the written Word, I will come into a wisdom that is far superior to that of the world around me, and certainly far superior to my own circles of thought.

This is far to simple, for one to grasp. We want it all to be so complicated. We want ourselves to somehow come out looking smart, wise, and really cool. However, the Word will not do that. It (He) instead gently unfolds Himself and becomes the center of attention in all that surrounds. My very dependence upon Him and His thoughts empowers me to receive what He sees.

The wisdom that He brings is His wisdom, and a wisdom that empowers a life that is free in Him. It is not the wisdom of the world, but will give us wisdom as we live and move in the world. It, like us, is in the world, but not of it.

I confess, I often “bump” into my own inability to see what I need to see, or understand what I need to understand. Lord help me remember, that the secret is your written Word, translated into life in You.

3 thoughts on “Making the Simple Wise

  • Iris, Thanks for linking to my blog. I love yours and so glad it is linked so others can view it, too. God richly blessing and so glad He has seen fit to bring us together. Have a great weekend.

  • Hi Iris
    Great content.
    This a great commentary on the one book most people would want to have with them should they be marrooned on a desert island.
    To me it is the best toolbox, the best comfort, the best roadmap, in short the best we could possibly have with us for any need we may have or any challenge we may encounter.
    See you at conference.
    In HIM

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