The Torah of YHWH

“The Torah of YHWH is perfect, bringing back the being;….”
(Psalm 19:7 The Scriptures)

Psalm 19:7 in a very literal version says volumes. Most of our translations read a bit differently. Something like, “The Word of the Lord is perfect, reviving (or restoring) the soul.” Even though our translations say a possible rendering, some of the emphasis is diluted.

The Scriptures is a translation from Africa, and a bit different than what we normally have. In this instance, it is quite literal and opens the eyes of our hearts to a fuller meaning.

The word “Torah” means that which is entire, truth, complete, full, perfect, sound, without spot, upright, whole. So even though we might be tempted to say it is simply the first five books of the Old Testament (in a Jewish understanding), because of the full meaning of the word, I believe our English translations do well to translate it to cover the entire instruction in the Word of God.

The word usually translated revive or restore has a multitude of meanings but the on that keeps cropping up in Strong’s is to turn back or to bring home again. So the Scriptures have translated it well. It means to bring back, or turn back. If we ponder this for a few minutes, it means to bring something back to a wholeness — back home, with all the comfort, protection and health that word implies.

What it brings back is the being. What a wonderful way to say it. The word used here is the Hebrew word for life, soul, being — the totality of a person (spirit, soul and body).

Now when we put that all together in our hearts, the Word of the YHWH brings the entire person back to a place of wholeness and wellness. Just think of it. Our Lord has stored in His Word the Spirit’s ability to literally make us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically at peace, in comfort, and in health. My heart explodes with the possibility.

Now, that being so, what are we as His people to do about the Word? I think we need to have much more emphasis on the Spirit’s ability through the Word to empower in our lives. Our “dosage” of the Word needs to be high. It is through the Word we are trained into obedience that comes from a submitted spirit. That will empower us to be obedient to the truth our Lord shows us. As He leads and guides, we will be able to be obedient to our Dr.’s instructions, the training the Lord does in us regarding nutrition, and rest. (There is that Sabbath concept again).

Walking in relationship means I listen to Him. He has spoken in His Word (and He daily speaks in our hearts according to the Word). His Word carries in it the ability to preform what He has spoken. May we choose to listen, receive and be at home in Him.

(May all of believers in our Lord Jesus living in the United States on this July 4, celebrate the freedom of our spirit in Christ Jesus through His salvation, as we thank Him for the freedoms He has protected in our dear USA).

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