To More Than I Can Be

I am listening to a very precious song by Selah, You Raise Me Up. The phrase that captures me is “You raise me up to more than I can be.” I am not often so captivated by a phrase, but this one is profound. It is true. Our Lord raises us up, to more than we can be. The phrase speaks of spiritual vision. Such vision is not something we mature into, nor is it something we gain as we know more. When the Lord grants vision, it consumes us. Whatever that vision is, it becomes us.

Years ago, when I became responsible for “the vision” that Psalm 19 Ministries would follow, I was overwhelmed. I purchased and read all the current (at the time) books on spiritual vision. Surely these books would tell me how to get such a vision from God. I did not think I had a vision that would be called one. You know the kind that tells the leader how much to do what, and when and where. I prayed, read, sought the Lord. I fasted, prayed more, and listened with all of me. No vision seemed to come.

Then (there is that wonderful word), then I saw and knew! It was not the kind of vision I thought I needed. It was already in me and deeply a part of me — never to let go. Something so deep that it had consumed me for years. “It” dawned on me when I was reading the verse of Scripture that has governed my life for most of my life. “For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.” Ezra 7:10 NASB That was the vision and that is the vision. I have known I was to study, live, and teach the Word throughout the church of my Lord Jesus. It is my mission, my commission, my passion, and my purpose. What I found out that day, is that it is also my vision.

How this has worked through the years through Psalm 19 Ministries is miracle upon miracle, open door upon open door. I have never asked to be invited anywhere, yet I am allowed to proclaim the truths of our Lord throughout the church. Even those places seemingly closed, have opened and without my effort. The vision is big and wide and endless — it goes on and on. It is fulfilled each time one of our teachers teaches the Word. Just opens the Bible and lets it talk. It is fulfilled each time our Worship Ensemble leads a group in worship through the Words of Scripture and response. It is fulfilled each time our Singers minister anywhere — the word in song is still the word.

Our Lord is so very faithful. The point that rises in me, is that He makes us all more than we can be. The vision He gives in each of His is always more than one can be. He makes us full of Himself and releases us on a dark and desperate world. He does all of it. He gives the vision (the books were of no help at all; I finally gave them away) and we just follow. The vision will always flow in faith. Faith is always required. The vision does not grow old with time, nor grow old with me. It just grows and grows me with it and in Him. He has stood me on His shoulders and made me more than I can be. Thank you Selah for such a beautiful and true phrase, and thank you Lord for doing what only You can do.

One thought on “To More Than I Can Be

  • I love that song too (actually my husband sang it at our daughter’s wedding!). I really like your meditation on that one line. This is a great prayer to take into 2007 – that God would raise us up in the coming year to be more than we could ever be on our own. And Happy New Year!

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