Lord to You we sing —
May all our alleluia’s when spoken or heard
be heart felts thanks to you Dear Lord
And not just empty words.
And with each passing moment
till the ending of our days
be filled to overflowing
with our never ending praise.
by the Gatling Brothers

Merry Christmas !!!

I pray you enjoy our Lord in this beautiful season! All who know my family will recognize the above lyrics. My husband, Joe, son Kreg, daughter Lauren, and I began singing together as the children were born. When they both lived nearby, we sang together as an A Capella quartet. We have a precious gift in that “ensemble.” When we get together, we must sing. So this season when we look forward in hope to what our Lord has in mind for the coming year, we celebrate Him as we lift our voices together (even when apart — there is a togetherness in the voice for the “ensemble” never leaves) to praise Him and bring Him glory. Such is the delightful purpose in our lives.

Lord, as we celebrate Your coming to us and for us, we give ourselves to you once again. I pray our lives become the reality of the Alleluia — in You, to You, and for You! Thank you!

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