Spring is Coming!

I know that is an obvious, but as I sit here in my home study, it doesn’t look or feel much like Spring. We had snow day before yesterday so it doesn’t seem too obvious with our eyesight. However, the miniature iris’ in my front flower bed are ready to look like the photo above. I took the photograph a couple of years ago and am really looking forward to seeing them shortly. The white board slats behind them (in the photo) are not from a fence. In fact, those slats are only about a foot tall and are meant to put in front of the bed. So the actual flowers are about 2-3 inches tall and about an inch to 1 1/2 inches wide. They are very sweet and are the first heralds of Spring among my plants.

Spring brings with it so much new life, that of course, it reminds me of what happens to us in the life of the Lord. Whenever the Holy Spirit begins to move He always brings new life to us. It is time to embrace joy and begin to take walks outside in the freshness of the fresh breath. I will wait a few weeks for that walk, to insure no ice is left to trip on, but soon, very soon.

You see, Jesus comes over and over in us and to us. He is the ever-present Lord of all, adding new life to old things as He moves. I am so deeply thankful to Him and for Him. New discoveries in the Scriptures add to the excitement of what is just around the corner. In Psalm 19, we are experiencing a newness of the Lord in His presence, movement, and His power. It is happening all over. I am deeply bless by all the reports among my friends whose church body is experiencing a new “presence” in their services as well. How wonderful it all is.

As we move through the next few days and months, let’s be eternally grateful for all He is doing! Oh I know our country and our world is a mess, but He is moving among us!!! That is what we need to embrace and live it.

Let’s (me and you) do this today and begin to allow to Lord to pour His goodness and fire on, through, and to us as we move forward into warmer weather – and a deeper embrace of that life-giving breath.

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