God Speaks To Love

(A few days ago my friend, Michael McBane posted this on Messenger. I was delighted with it and received permission to place it here. Read and enjoy! Thank you Michael).

By Michael McBane

I said to the Lord in my conversational prayer,

“Jesus I don’t believe we are supposed to be less than heaven. So brood over me, brood in me and around me so that it is you that remains.” I paused and absorbed the wave of His love that gently graced me. I continued, “ Lord, I want the DNA of your life to fit me, I want the sound of who you are to be my life.”

Then I felt Him say, I agree, but you do not know what causes another to see or hear me. So don’t contain that cry within your perspective of all things being perfect in heaven. Many see and hear by who you are in the storms of life, the everyday of life.

I absolutely believe that God, in asking us to pray that His Kingdom come on this earth as it is in heaven, is foundationally perfect. But the transference of such abundance is first found and contained in the fullness of the life of Christ in us, which is authored by His present word that comes to us and out of us. His perfection is allowing His life to author how His life flows into us and out of us. Our sorrows are warranted in the actuality of the completion of the reality of Marantha but these sorrows are at times absent of the joy God has deposited in us by the misappropriated understanding of allowing Him to author the present word of heaven in us as it is in heaven. Because we become detached to His eternal purpose by the pain of this life, the constant attacks of the enemy of God upon us in so many ways.

I am taken by this often, Jesus chose a crucified life. He made a way for our eternal adoption that is a recreative process of merging us into the expanding flow of His love to us and for us allowing it to be that to this world. It is by our present obedience. We obey in the present moment and in the eternal expansion of the present word we are subjecting our life to by His life, by His strength, His grace and His mercies. The reality that we might say is He is my life I cannot but God. It truly is the essence of, the fabric of, the fragrance of who we are. It is His brooding in a constant way. The ever present life Of God is the percolating of our faith. And our faith is given to us by God.

Jesus prayed that we would be sanctified by His truth or set apart. Our will to be set apart allows us the ability to merge into the oneness that He created our life to be with He, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus makes no compromise as the word is filled with the heart of God for family, to restore us in health, to heal our wounds that we cannot even explain. HE created us and He will not let His life in us to remain visibly unfinished. But even when we are told that the plans He has for us are for life and not destruction we must see this as the great invitation to live out of Him and to let His life be the interpretation of who we are.

This is quite a quest. It is not an invitation to be presumptuous but to adapt to His ways by allowing His life to challenge our fruitless understandings and to see His life lifted up. We must constantly return to allow His definition to define our wisdom and understanding. What then is love. For many would say it is this or that but God will not be mocked.

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