Worship – From Need to Sufficiency

Worship is the adoration of our Precious Lord Jesus and our Father, through the Holy Spirit as we choose to engage Him. We can enter worship (personal or congregational) with an attitude of need, but if our worship, adoration, love, and trust (faith) are in tack, that need will be left behind in our thoughts as we adore Him. We, who are His, are never denied His presence. So, as we behold Him (in our hearts, thoughts, and reality in the Spirit) that presence overshadows us and we become released into a state of sufficiency because of who He is! 

It is impossible to draw near to Him and and not receive, for the very thought of His presence with us opens us to who and what He is. However, if that is, and continues to be, our point in worship, we will not move into the depth of the knowledge of His sufficiency. 

The author of a book I recently read (Felix Halpern, A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven: A Miraculous Story of One Man’s Journey to Heaven and Your 30-Day Glory Transformation) wrote about the difference between transactional prayer and transformational prayer. I began to think about those two words and as I did the Lord showed me how our worship is a combination of both of them. 

Worship is to be primarily “Him” centered. When we make worship “me” centered, we are using a spiritual climate intended to be transformational and are keeping it transactional. We need to review these matters in our hearts before the Lord, and see what changes we need to make in order to enter the “transformational atmosphere.” 

The same Spirit discipline is needed in our prayer life as well. He uses this transformational atmosphere to infuse us with His life and sufficiency. So, we receive, but in another dimension and that dimension is called “glory.” 

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