Hidden Treasures

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“I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness — the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people.” Colossians 1:25-26 NIV

In the first part of this section, we find that Paul has become a servant (of the body of Christ) by the commission given to him by God. This word translated “commission” here in the NIV (stewardship, administration by other translations) is a word that means “household manager” or “management.” He was placed in charge of this “fullness of the Word” to bring to everyone a mystery that has been in the Word all along, but hidden from God’s people until Paul’s time. (We study that “mystery” in the next post).

What I sense the Lord wants to reveal to us is the fact that not all the Scripture is understood in its fullness. If we read Proverbs 2, we find that the gold and silver and precious jewels of the Word are hidden and available to those who progressively want more and more. I urge you to read Proverbs 2 and notice the progression of the verbs as one moves into the Word in verse 1-5. He has purposefully infused His Word with mysteries that we have not yet seen.

Many of us delight in allowing the Lord to “unfold” into our understanding things we have never studied, nor thought about a passage. He loves to do so. The revelation out of the Word will agree with the Word – always. Although it may not agree with my present understanding of the Word. That is a big difference and often causes us to stumble unless we prepare ourselves for change as we read and study Him.

Today, be encouraged. We will never ever know it all. Just when we think we’ve got it, something else in our understanding receives a light bulb (action of the Holy Spirit), and then He helps us understand something that we had not seen. Many of us call this “revelation knowledge.” It is absolutely marvelous and will renew our minds faster than memorization, or anything else can do. Once we “see,” then we truly know.  A word of revelation out of the Word will halt our natures and say, “Look again!” It is a beautiful way to study, this listening to the Holy Spirit explain His own Word.

As I purposely read the Bible through every year, this has become my way of reading. Now it is reading and listening and seeing how the Spirit puts things together. What a world of wonder the Word is in His heart. Lord, we understand and we hear You as we meditate upon You and Your beautiful Word.

Thank you for taking this trip today with me.

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