He Is Before All!

open-hand-on-white-background_1232-761“And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.” Colossians 1:17 KJV

The word in Greek that is rendered “before” in this verse is a written in English as  “pro.” It means “(a) of place: before, in front of, (b) of time: before, earlier than.” As you can see, “before” is a very accurate way to translate the word. Its implications are astounding. Our Lord Jesus is before – whatever you might want to name. He holds the supreme place of being “before.”

As we mature in Christ Jesus and move from the elementary “awe” into a more comfortable acquaintance in His person, “before” needs to take a primary role. Whatever it is that is causing us comfort or discomfort, He is “before” that. He is just “before,” and that is a placement none other can have. We are very prone to having loves that are “before,” whether it be something or someone.

All of those must leave that place of “before.” We must purposely allow only our Lord Jesus to be “before.” When anything or anyone is “before” Him, then the removal process must take a high priority. Sometimes it is our love, concern, or emotional bondage to another person that keeps us from allowing Him (including His Word and Will) to be the supreme “before” in our moments, days, and years.

Whatever or whoever it might be, we, as born-from-above ones, have a priority to establish and maintain – Jesus “pro,” or Jesus “before all things.”

I usually know if I have substituted for Him by placing another or something before Him in my heart and priorities. When I have understood that to the be case, I begin to make massive changes in my personal priorities and thoughts. It usually takes some time, tears, hard emotional choices, and clearly the changing of my mind in these matters. That will change the heart and empower the change in focus.

If that is of help to you, I am grateful. If you need to find your own path in the struggle, then go for it. Many times that is best for it places us on firm footing within our relationship in Jesus!. He is able to empower and move us in an encounter in Him that makes all the difference. He is waiting. Let’s turn into Him and allow this placement of “before” to become a very conscious reality.

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