Becoming – Through Colossians

bible3As I was pondering how to approach the topic of our identity in Christ here in Mannaword, I have been turned to Colossians. It seems it is best that we do not take this subject topically, but instead, work with the New Covenant book of Colossians and allow the topic to develop through the writings of Paul.

Paul does not discuss identity, rather he declares its truth and then its benefits, responsibilities, and delights. It is not an isolated subject because it is not an isolated concept, but one that is understood best within the confines of a relationship shift with Jesus Christ.

Having a relationship with Jesus is not unusual in our world, but one thing I have discovered as I have lived many years in Him, there are dynamic “shifts” along the way where one can stumble upon an understanding they had not known before. (We call this revelation). I use the word “stumble” because as something unknown it happens, then we discover it has occurred. It is not something that can be anticipated because we had not known it before. I know I am writing in circles, but that it how it goes.

So to write simply on “identity” is to misjudge the topic for it can only truly be seen as we “stumble” upon it. Those who grab the identity package and run with it without having a thorough view of what Paul has written are misguided, and they end up misleading others. That is simply because it cannot be grasped in concept only. Even though it is mentally received at the first stage, it must be something that is allowed to grow and “become” deep within our emotions and spirit-man.

So we are going to work with Colossians and receive whatever unfolding He has for us as we journey. I would love for you to join me.

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