For Others!


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self control. Against such there is not law.” Galatians 5:22-23 MEV

One of the things I have noticed about fruit of any kind from any plant, the plant does not need the fruit. A healthy plant produces a good fruit that is simply given for others. For instance, the apples,  they are intended to be used by others. Otherwise they simply becomes fertilizer for the tree. As far as the tree is concerned, they are give-aways.

The fruit of the Spirit is like that. Whenever we try to use it ourselves for motives that are anything but pure give-away to bless others, it is not the fruit of the Spirit. In this kind of fruit, there is no manipulation, or even any desire to hold onto it or to those to whom it is given. It is something we simply delight in giving away.

Oh that we as believers in Jesus Christ would understand this fact! We do not give to others to receive back. We give in order to stay healthy and well in the Holy Spirit. All those earth-bound hooks and control factors for keeping the attention of others are simply from the wrong spirit entirely.

Also, we know that this fruit is developed from a tree full of free-running sap. These characteristics of the Believer are developed with in-depth fellowship in the Holy Spirit. They do not become a part of my gifting, they are simply developed in us by the Holy Spirit to give freely to others. If we are getting our emotional needs met through people then we will not be satisfied with what they give. It just can’t do for us what is needed. As we fellowship in our Lord through the Holy Spirit our needs become His to meet then these characteristics become a part of our person to freely supply others with a touch and taste of Him.

This brings us to the obvious conclusion that if we want to be really healthy and productive believers, we need to be spending a lot of time in Holy Spirit training and conscious presence. We cannot have these things develop as we stay as “casual Christians.” That is a term I use for those in the Kingdom that remain very self-focus and self-centered. These folk are saved, but remain pretty much as they were when first born-again, still empty and needing at every corner. In that mind-set we continually are waiting on God to move to help us.

There really is a place in Him where we learn to move as His partner in all His movements in us. That is another post. So I will let this one be as it is.

Lord, we lean. Teach us to engage you through the Holy Spirit in all we do, so we become pliable to release your good, good fruit. We choose you, please train us and develop in us your give-away fruit. Thank you.

Next week I plan on being at the Elim Oasis Conference in Lima, NY, so I will plan on posting from there. I am using my iPad today in anticipation of having that with me. I wanted to make sure all was working and connecting well. Seems to be good. Oh yes, I have a keyboard attached, otherwise I would not be doing this much typing. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week.

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