Don’t Forget Who You Are!

praising god child

As I study the writings of the Apostle Paul, I am amazed at how he emphasizes Christ in us as the pivotal point of all that is written. When we begin to purposely receive what is written in the word, our understanding of the Lord and our understanding of ourselves change.

Receiving/believing Ephesians 1:1-14 will completely undo years of unhealthy thinking. When we choose to actually receive, or take into our hearts and minds the truth of this small passage, it revolutionizes our entire understanding of who we are. This morning in my time of thinking with the Lord through His word He said to my heart, “Don’t forget who you are!” I realized He intended for me to begin to think much more in terms of empowerment. Instead of reflecting on what is not yet done, He urged me to begin to really believe who I am in Him. This began for me a time of listing who I know I am and what I am appointed to do in this brief walk on this earth. My heart was immediately encouraged and I just wanted to begin to write, shout and actively put into action what He has put in my heart.

This is the pro-active side of faith! Believing in our innermost being results in action. James says that without the action “faith” is ineffective and actually dead! We are to become joint-participants in all the Lord wants for us. Some have understood this to mean our confessions have to change. They are correct, but it does not end with the confessions of our mouths, our inner man will come alive in Him in levels we have not yet known existed as we will begin to experience His power in all our becoming.

However, if we are sitting with out-stretched hands expecting Him to do something for us or change our circumstances while we passively do nothing, we probably will not experience the empowerment I am writing about. Our pro-active involvement in the truth produces His ability to be and do all that is assigned whether it be obedience to His heart as revealed in the word, or if it is something we know we are to do that is way beyond our ability. He will want us to get busy with it and then to become active in the training toward it.

If we are called to write, for instance, we must get busy writing (even when we do not know what to write or where to begin) or we will never find that inspiration, time or ability. If we need to take an on-line course in writing or whatever, there are an abundance of those. As we engage, we find a real “wanting” to do that very thing. Or if we are called to “sing.” The principle is the same. We need to get busy singing – with groups, by ourselves at home and then engage some vocal training somewhere. On and on it goes – just apply it to your list. Of course you are going to make one for Him and yourself! It is not a Bucket List – it is an Empowerment List!

Beloved, this “becoming pro-active” in our faith is very important. If I do not believe I can, I simply won’t. If I believe it is assigned and He has granted me all I need to begin then as I engage, He then leads and prepares the way. Our co-corporation is vital in faith. In our healing, we must be pro-active. In our learning His word, we must be pro-active. Everything in Him often waits for us to believe in Him enough to begin. Then watch Him move heaven and earth to make a way and a place. It is just the way faith works.

So I made that list of what I am. This will be an ongoing project and I am making a section in my journal to list things as He brings them to me. Age does not matter. Time continues and life changes and appointments in Him are made and revised. He has never told me I am too old to do what He is asking and empowering. So that settles it – I am not too old. Neither are you – nor are you too young. Let’s really become in Him and allow Him to direct, re-direct and empower.

Life just got more exciting!Don’t

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Who You Are!

  • Powerful! I also am not too old, He keeps moving me into new things. And into some of the things I said I would never do or did not want to do, but His empowerment is there, and His pleasure is there!

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