Warm – Ah Yes!

It is 75 degrees! Wonderful! I am enjoying it deeply. Yesterday I was able to have a pleasant walk around my neighborhood and plan to do so again today. Meanwhile, I am out and about getting ready to attend the Elim Oasis Conference Tuesday – Thursday Evening in Lima, NY. So am out and about getting some things ready for that time.

I do plan to blog some of the conference, so those of you who follow, will at least get a taste of the richness of this time. So stay tuned and we will see and hear all the Lord will do during this time dedicated to learning His heart deeper and deeper with those of like mind. I am so blessed!

I did change the header to this blog as you can see. These are my miniature iris’ that are just about finished at this point in time. They have multiplied and I look forward to taking time to replant them and space them out a bit. I took this photo last spring, but they look the same this spring. So very beautiful and about 3-4 inches high. So tiny.

Enjoy and I will be back here between Conference sessions if possible. I will be blogging on my iPad, so have some nitty-gritty’s to get straight there. Should work well.


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