New Feature

I have begun a series of articles on Prayer on a separate page from this blog post. You will notice in the menu there is now a link to Writings. This is where the articles will be. I will continue to blog and also place the longer articles under “Writings.” It seems this blog post also appears below the article. Interesting. I will try to find out why and see if I can limit the page to the article.

Why a sparate item? So glad you asked! In the blog posts, I try to bring items of Biblical interest that I can work with in a way you can read and be blessed in a small venue. In the Writings, I hope to be concise, but will make no attempt to keep it short. That way those who are interested in what I think about the item are free to read.

I have the first article there now. It is a bit of an introduction. This allows me to use the blog a bit more fully. WordPress has such really good tools, it is a shame not to learn to use them. So those writings are a beginning to go further.

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