Becoming Wise


As you can see from the header and this insert, my iris’ are really lovely this year. I am enjoying them so very much. I have recently added other flowers to the beds, as soon the iris’ will have completed their flowering time, we will need color then. I am enjoying it all. Now to the Word.

 “The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple; Psalm 19:7b NKJV

The word “testimony” means just that. In our understanding one’s testimony means the story of their walk with the Lord. In Hebrew, it is always a reference back to the Torah – the Law of YHWH. However, even if we add a bit of our understanding to it, the entire Word of the LORD is the story of our His faithfulness. He is always faithful and can never be unfaithful to His Word in any way. Hence, when we continue on with the next word, this helps us understand what the Word is actually saying.

The word “sure” in Hebrew is actually the word “believe” if translated literally. This is where Bible translators (we must honor them and pray for them for it is a very difficult job) have to know the “sense” of the Word beyond its literally meaning. It most generally is used in Hebrew to indicate “support,” “security,” “confirmation.” So we see the way the NKJV translated it, “sure” is very good. The story of the LORD’s faithfulness makes us very secure. It eliminates fear and anxiety in every way. The answer for all fear in the heart is to trust the LORD and His faithfulness.

“Making wise,” is to be wise, or to become wise. In other words, to trust the LORD and His Word is to become wise. The last word in this phrase is “simple,” or “foolish.” It means just what it says. To trust the LORD and His Word is to make one who is foolish or lacks understanding become a wise one.

What marvelous facts stored for us in opening our hearts and using our minds to read, study and meditate on the Word of Almighty God. With the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit inside of us, we already have this Word written on our hearts and in our minds (Jeremiah 31:31-34 and also in Hebrews 8 & 10). All we need to do is avail ourselves of the opportunity to invest ourselves in Him through His Word.

If we study out “wisdom” in the Scripture, we will find it is always a gift from the Lord and never a result of getting old or educated by various trials. Wisdom is always available to anyone who will ask, according to James. However, when we love the Lord Jesus and want to know Him more, then we turn to the Word because the knowledge of God is contained there.

Let’s do it! Let’s begin to trust what we read and study and begin to meditate on it in our minds. It is for us. Have a blessed day in His wonderful love and wisdom!

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