Making It Real

It is time for me to get back to writing on this blog. It takes time and study, so there is a tendency in me to think I will do it a bit later. So it gets untouched for days (or weeks as the case may be). My apologies to you my diligent readers. Many of you have discovered the key of ‘following’ the blogs you like to read so you do not have to check them each time. So if you get tired of checking to see if a new post is here, try ‘Following’ me. It will automatically show up in your email.

I have recently gotten a ‘TouchFire’ keyboard for my iPad Mini. I love the iPad for almost all my computer needs, except typing on it is difficult for me. I am not a ‘hunt and peck’ person. I am a trained typist, so I do not enjoy the tablet keyboards. The new keyboard is nice, but taking some adjustment time for me. So I am purposely using it to type Mannaword. They do provide typing lessons for us to helps us adjust, and I have completed them, but nothing will substitute for old fashioned practice. No flying over the keys as fast as I can think, which is my usual way. Now, slow and easy does it. I will fly on it, but not today. Thanks for putting up with my personal rambling. I seem to do it well – rambling that is.

I have observed that it is much easier to talk about a relationship with The Lord Jesus than it is to really have one. Experience has really gotten a bad rap in the Christian world. So as full-gospel people, we have become very proper, both in our worship styles and in our personal devotional and study habits. We read more books about people and their journeys than we read the actual word and works of The Lord Himself. It is easier to talk of the experiences of others than it is to have our own experiences in Him. He waits and loves and waits and loves.

He is so kind and longs for us to just choose to listen and respond to Him. Nike’s phrase occurs to me, “Just do it!” We really only need time to share intimately and everything in Him becomes very real. We cannot get closer as he lives inside of us, so it just takes turning our thoughts and awareness to Him, for Him to begin to interact with us deeply.

So I want to encourage you to get quiet with Him and let ‘stuff’ – you know – His kind do ‘stuff’ happen. I am going to do the same.

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