Living Stones

Image“Come to Him as unto a living stone rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious. Ye also as living stones, are built up into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 2:4-5 KJ21

The point is “living stones.!” In 1 Corinthians 3 & 6 believers are called the “temple of the Holy Spirit.” People related to a “God” that was outside of them and related to Him as best they could before that wonderful Pentecost Day when the Holy Spirit was poured out into the called out in Acts 2. Then everything changed. Now a New Covenant, based on the atoning blood of Jesus Christ was ushered into reality. It has been promised by the prophets of old and now it had come. So we are His bone and flesh people. (I know most translations say “flesh & bone” when the two are mentioned together, but the King James has it right here. It is always bone first and that is because the blood is created within the bone then the flesh; so we are related to Him by blood and then flesh).

It has never been (and never will be) stones of earth, covered with gold that He has desired. He could create that with a word if He so chose. No, He wants a human (made with His hands and in His image to begin with) to choose Him and allow Him to take up residence within them, thus producing a “living temple” made out of living stones – us. 

Our value is not just as those who belong to Him, or worship Him or most of anything else we might think. No. Our value is in the fact that we are His living evidence that He lives. We carry about His glory, His power and His nature as we live on this earth. So in His power and glory our lives have the capability of displaying His grace, love and mercy to a desperate world. This is cause for us too realize how abundantly He has blessed us and included us in His thoughts and plans. May we turn our eyes to truth and no longer relate to Him as some separate and outside force, but relate to Him as One who by His choice and ours, has taken up residence within us and is a part of all we are. He includes us in Himself. We are His Body. We are His …. He is our life, purpose, power, intent, etc…. 

Too awesome to comprehend, but it is true! Oh Lord how we thank you for dwelling within and as we turn our awareness to your indwelling, may our hearts soar in your love, grace, mercy, glory and power. May we be an illustration of all you are. My mind has trouble comprehending that reality, but Lord I receive it by faith and we will spend our day together in everything! 

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