Blessed Thanksgiving!

I am attempting to put a photo of my front yard earlier today on this post so you can see I am in a very beautiful place. It is sunny, and several inches of snow fell overnight. Really nice for Thanksgiving Day.

I think the earliest I remember it snowing was one year when it snowed on October 2. That was unusually early. This year we have already have several inches that came and melted as is normal for November. However, it is not very often that we have several inches on the ground for Thanksgiving. It is nice. I said on my FB post this morning that I love Central New York, and I truly do. I know many would prefer the constant warm climate of a southern state, but I have always loved it when it gets cold, snowy and even enjoy the shorter day-light of the days.

Now having said that, I really do get tired of the wet snow and the boots and the gloves and the lack of sun as the year progresses. I am done with it around mid-February, but it usually isn't done with us until late March or by mid-April. However, for the most part I love the weather where I am appointed to live.

Yes, I am here on assignment and by appointment. It is not where I was raised and not where I thought in my youth that I would live my life. However, The Lord moved my husband, my son and myself (our small family – which would eventually increase to 4 children) into the Northeastern US in 1966 on assignment as tent-maker missionaries. We remain so. Our situation has been modified a whole lot but we continue to be servants of our Lord Jesus Christ in teaching Bible and building His Kingdom. So we love the Northeast and we love the people. It is a marvelous place to raise a family.

The Kingdom is diverse and rich in many ways. I have never found people hard, cold nor resistent to the goodness of God. There are such people everywhere, regardless of where one might live, so we do what is needful – we set the atmosphere – where-ever in the Spirit and it is amazing the sweet reception and openness folk have in their hearts to the true King and Lord.

It is only when we confuse our own doctrines, or worship preferences, that it gets difficult. But when we want to simply love and allow our Lord to love through us, it is amazing how open folk can be. The Lord came in love as a response of the Father's love. Can we have any other agenda? If He then draws them to walk with us, teaching and more information can be easily shared and is often very warmly received.

The Lord is faithful to fulfill His call on our lives and we are so thankful to still be healthy and able to do as He commissioned us so long ago. So our Thanksgiving Day is a very blessed one in Him! It is always so!

I pray you wrap in Him and allow Him to be the reason for your joy. He will not fail you – now or later. Blessed Thanksgiving All!


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