Trying Some Thing

I am trying an app on my iPad so I can use it to write this blog. Next week I am, once again, at the Elim Leadership Conference in Lima, NY, and the speakers and training are always so outstanding, I want to be able to blog the summaries of some of the sessions. So, this little app shows great promise of being able to do that.

While I am trying this out, it has an audio feature, so let's try that also. “Well looks like it's going to work just fine so I'll give it a go and maybe even be able to talk to you little bit during the conference this is a neat app so let's see how it interfaces with my blog and I'll get back to you in a day or so, blessings to you.” WOW! I thought it would place an audio file in the blog. Instead it transcribed what I said perfectly. We will enjoy this.

OK Now let's see if I have it set correctly to publish. Here we go — .

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