Just a Resurrection Day greeting to all. I have been down and out for a few days with a cold virus, but am much better today, so wanted to send this greeting to all.

Have a Blessed Resurrection Day!

“This is how grace rescued us: sin left us dead towards God, like spiritual corpses; yet in that state of deadness and indifference, God co-quickened us together with Christ. Sin proved how dead we were. Grace reveals how alive we now are. Before anyone but God believed it, he made us alive together with him and raised us up together with him. …we are co-included in his resurrection. We are also elevated in his ascension to be equally present in the throne room of the heavenly realm where we are co-seated with him in his executive authority. We are fully represented in Christ Jesus.”
Ephesians 2:5-6 Mirror Translation


One thought on “Alive!!!

  • Hey Iris
    Enjoying your blogs! Miss seeing you in 2012, hopefully we can gather together in some way this year.
    My resurrection comment… Jesus beat the hell out of the devil. hallelujah!

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