A New Season

It is Fall in Central New York and today the leaves are falling as the rather stiff breeze blows through them. It is a bit dark, although not yet raining. I love this season! It is time to enjoy the cooler weather and the sweaters and the smell of wood smoke burning somewhere. I love the smell, but Joe and I are both quite allergic to it so just enjoy an whiff now and again.When we were munch younger we heated with wood – no problem then for which we were grateful. We are also grateful we no longer heat that way.

I have put up two new videos on our web site; Lauren’s teaching on “Chosen to Mature” which was #4 in our “Possess the Land” series; and my most recent one #5 in the series “The Anointing Breaks the Yoke.” I have left the series up on the web, so you can listen to all 5 if you choose and travel this way with us through what the Lord is doing among us. Just go to: http://www.psalm19ministries.org/psalm19ministries/Videos.html

I will try to be more diligent about this blog. I have let it go too long without posting. Thank you for all who read and for all who join us in prayer. Blessings.

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