New Video – Faith’s Expectation

The video for our last Friday Fellowship lesson “Faith’s Expectation” is now on line at:

Thank you to all who prayed for me last Sunday as I preached at the Church of the Resurrection. It is always a pleasure to be called upon to fill a Sunday Morning spot and a precious pleasure to preach at home. Bless you for praying.

One thought on “New Video – Faith’s Expectation

  • Hello Iris, I am once again deeply touched by your message. I am so glad you have these sermons and teachings available to the public. I am learning much from your insight and wisdom. I pray the Lord continue to fill you to over flowing so you will in turn continue to pour out his word on his people. You bless me so much. A couple of things really struck me, which I will likely write to you about in an e-mail. Things are looking up over here in WI, praise the Lord. I am realizing tonight how much I have allowed my hope to dwindle and dissipate. Have been afraid to hope for change and growth and even healing, but your words have reminded me of how much I need to look to what his word says and allow my faith to be a living, breathing, moving force in my life. I must get back on track and with this new medication I am on, it seems my mind is more capable of focusing on details. Thank you once again my dear friend.

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