Great Faithfulness!

Our Lord is faithful, but even more than that He has great faithfulness. We did have an awesome Worship Explosion in July, and I have just returned from doing a one day retreat in the Glen Falls area. Many of you prayed for Lauren and me as we were gone all week-end. I am finding much physical weakness as I begin to get back into ministry, so am needing to be very conservative in my work.

However, the one thing I see over and over again is the great faithfulness of my Lord. He is ever so patient and loving as He urges me on to minister in His name – in weakness He proves Himself strong.

We often want to see our strength prior to ministering in His name, when all He needs is our weakness given. He empowers and blesses and we know it was not us – others see that too. That is a witness beyond what we commonly acknowledge. Oh yes, He continually heals me (the arm is solid bone now – just getting total body back in strength is more of a journey than I had planned) and then gives me more to do. But I am so grateful that in my weakness – He still moves and blesses and teaches and… He is wonderful in every way.

Have a marvelous day in Him!

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