Wonderful Gathering!

Tonight begins Psalm19’s Worship Explosion – a two day event of worship, teaching and fellowship. We have our regular Friday Fellowship tonight (open to all) and then tomorrow have two sessions with lunch between catered by John Hernandez, Chef. It is going to be  a grand affair. It is to be held in the Church of the Resurrection Fellowship Hall, due to the availability of a kitchen. It is air-conditioned and a wonderful place to meet for this Summer Event.

Robyn and Diane, an outstandingly anointed and gifted group from the Liberty, NY area will be with us and ministering for the majority of the time. They are an unusual group and you will enjoy the exposure to what the Lord does through them. I have linked you with their site, so you can hear some of their work. Gentle and powerful, lively and worshipful – all describe the time we will be having in our Jesus.

Lauren Godfrey will be doing some mini-teachings (short in time, but powerful in anointing) between the worship sessions. If you are in our area at all, or are willing to drive a couple of hours, come on and be blessed with this very special Worship Explosion!

I will be present, Lord willing, and enjoying seeing you there!

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