Faith-The Loud Roar of Reality

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 KJV

I am amazed at how much in my life does not build faith. All of us read, watch TV, engage on the net, on and on – and of course none of that is wrong – but neither does it build faith.

Now the personal interchanges we have, may indeed encourage us toward faith, but the only thing that will build that trust in Jesus is deeply hearing His word. That means more than skimming it, or hunting through it to teach a lesson, or just reading — all of those help, but will not in and of themselves build our faith. We must actively engage ourselves in the process – allow our lives to rest on the Rock which is Jesus, and receive His words as true. Our circumstances will lie to us. Much about us (including the news) will interpret matters wrongly.

He is truth and faith in that truth is found through an active engagement in His word. This is not a dull exercise – but a Spirit breathing matter which brings life. May we actively engage in His Word, whether by memory or by reading and registering what is being said. May we saturate ourselves with His truth, so the lies that surround us  become a dim voice  while the truth in Him becomes the loud roar of reality.

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