This sweetheart is blooming in my front yard flower bed right now. Isn’t she beautiful? I have such joy in these beautiful plants. A couple of years ago a friend gave me these pink iris’ and this is the first season they have bloomed. God’s intricate detail in them is just amazing to me. The Word tells us that the creation displays for us “the invisible things…even his eternal power and godhead;” When you know Him you see, feel and experience Him everywhere.

Yesterday was Psalm 19’s Stella Maris Retreat Day. We have taken a Wednesday for 25 years and gone to Stella Maris Retreat House for a day away with Jesus. We had a nice group of over 50 folk who joined us and what a wonderful day we had working with Psalm 91. Our Lord’s love, care and provision was clearly seen in the Word and we rejoiced in Him as we worshiped. The day was lovely in every way. Lord, thank you for such times of refreshing in you. Thank you for always being with us and unfolding for us yourself. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you for joining us this way.

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