Weekly Prayer Letter

I am reproducing here my weekly prayer letter. I send this out weekly to all who wish to receive it. It will bring you up to date as well as share some Word. Thank you so for reading.

“Therefore, as ye abound in every thing, in faith, and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your love to us, see that ye abound in this grace also.” 2 Corinthians 8:7 KJV

Beloved Partners in the service of Jesus our Lord and King,

This morning (Friday – May 14) the Lord has been speaking to me about grace. More specifically He wants me to know about the “essentials of grace.” The scripture quoted above is given by the Holy Spirit through Paul in a context of learning to be giving people. He speaks of giving to others as “this grace.” The Spirit wanted us to know that there is more to grace than just receiving. Grace is a power and as such it is intended to teach us how to live godly lives (Titus 2:11-12), and to be used as we learn to live in the “perfect law of liberty’ (James) and it is also called the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:2).

So we know that as we receive grace, there is something to be done with it. In the case of our scripture, it is the action of being bountiful in giving. Because in grace, all bounty is given to us through Jesus, then in Jesus we are empowered to give to others bountifully. This is a grace to abound in. Isn’t that wonderful?! He give us grace and the bounty and then tells us to “flow” in it. Well, those are my words, but that is it in a nutshell. Learning the principle of giving because I have been given to is a grace journey. It is true we have a harvest because we have sown. But before our sowing, we were ministered seed by The Sower. So because we have been ministered the seed, we therefore minister it to others in many ways – but it is speaking specifically about money in the context of the passage.

Our Jesus is so wonderful! He loves us, includes us, provides for us and gives bountifully to us. Thank you for being a part of that bounty in prayer, friendship in Jesus, Spirit and in funds as the Lord leads. You are a special gift to me and all of us here at Psalm 19. Your bountiful gifts are a part of His bounty to us. Thank you!

I am improving! Of course, with all the prayer and love extended to me, what else could this body do?! Nothing but heal. Thank you for continuing as He is continuing His healing and His rest in me. I am using both hands to type now (a major break-through in communication) and decreasing meds as well as doing physical therapy three times a week. It seems my calendar now circles around therapy appointments, Dr.s appointments (only a few of those), and time for medication. The latter is becoming less and less an item. So progress is being made. I am trusting the Lord to allow me to be present at Stella Maris and a part of the teaching team of the day. Pray with me to that end. I do expect it to be realized through our prayers and the healing of Jesus.

I am send this out early again, because tomorrow Lauren is speaking for the Binghamton Aglow and I want us to remember her and her team (note below)  as they travel in Jesus to proclaim His goodness. Be certain and read all of this letter. I have enlarged the “Coming Events” with some items you will want to know about for prayer and to participate in as well.

Thank you for all the cards and love sent to me. You are such precious partners in our Jesus! I am a grateful woman as I watch and see what goodness the Lord is performing through us as we wait and listen.

My love,

Now for this Week’s Schedule:

Saturday – AM – Lauren speaking in Binghamton Aglow. Tina leading worship; Desiree, Dale and “precious Patty” will be with her to do the worship, tech responsibilities and our Psalm 19 table. Pray for their travel mercies and for their worship in His heart and Lauren as she teaches. It is wonderful to see the young faces now a vital part of Psalm 19. We are blessed!

(I give Patty the “precious” from my heart, as well as the Lord’s. She has been His hands and feet as she has been with me and done for me what the body could not and can not do for itself. What a wonderful gift she has been and is in her servant heart. Thank the Lord for her with me. My life has been wrapped in provision through her sleepless nights and loving care. I am so thankful I am well enough for her to be a part of the “going” team this time. Bless you Patricia!)

Monday: Patty in Office (10-4) Unless needed with Iris.

Tuesday: Linda Cronin in office (10-4)

Wednesday: Greek – 10 am; 12:30 pm – Prayer; 1 pm – Bible Study – Joe Godfrey teaching;  Faye in office (10-4)

Friday: Friday Fellowship 7 pm – Lauren will be teaching – continuing the study of Romans. Tina & Michael will be leading the worship ensemble. Come and be blessed! Faye in Office (10-4).

Be certain to check our web site: http://www.psalm19ministries.org and my
blog: www.mannaword.wordpress.com

Coming Soon:

May 25, 26, 27 – John & Diane Hernandez at Elim Leadership Conference to be with our Psalm 19 Ministries demonstration table. Pray for them and for their meeting many people and being able to sow the Word into many lives.  Tom and Nancy Clarke will also be with them at the table and with Tom’s books. Pray for open doors for his books and for them meeting many who will be bless by the Word through them.

June 2Stella Maris Retreat – REGISTER NOW either by mail, phone or on-line (Here)– Iris & Joe, Lauren, Tina & Mike, Tim Stogdill, John & Diane, on and on — come and be a part of the wonderful day in Jesus! – entire team planning to be there and planning to participate together in the program. Plan now to be with us and pray that Iris will make good progress and be able to be with us.

July 16-17 – Summer Event – This is going to be an awesome event. Diane and Robyn will be with us for a day of worship in the presence of our Lord Jesus. If you have never been with this worship ensemble, then you have a special time in Jesus waiting for you. It will be awesome in His presence and joyful in our hearts. Plan now on being with us. Church of the Resurrection Fellowship Hall, East Syracuse (Details listed soon on web site)

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