Saturday Evening – Rev. Iris Godfrey

I continued the study and in this session taught the middle part of Romans 5 and the over all concept of Romans 6. The emphasis was on the fact that we were crucified with Christ and raised with Christ. The truth of the Scriptures was emphasized deeply. The clip above will give you a bit of a summary. I would suggest you take a few moments and read those portions of scripture. The clip will then make more sense to you.

The worship continued to be deeply precious. I will not add any more clips of them as that might violate the copyright of the songs used. Some were original ones, but certainly not all.

Worship – Saturday Morning

The worship was vibrant and Spirit-lifed! We praise and worshiped and enjoyed the Lord’s presence. Michael Hook led with Tina (his wife) and Lauren Godfrey (Worship Director) assisting. Also the two keyboard people are Ruth VanDusen and Joe Godfrey; Drummer was Tim Stogsdil and trumpet/horns was Dale Huges-Giantano. We are so blessed in Psalm 19 to have such a group of worship leaders. This is are not everyone who participates at home, but all who could be with us. These people in this immediate group worship in 4 different denominations. Our God is awesome!

Saturday Morning

Lauren taught in synopsis form, Romans 5.She worked right out of the translation we are using and worked very practically with several concepts. I will just put some of my notes here instead of trying to write a cohesive summary. I think if you want to read the notes, they will give you a good overall idea.
There is always still more in Him. We must be open to something beyond my own theological comprehension. Keep working; keep eating. We want more than data, but we do want more. “
“We have been given faith.” (Romans 12:3) “To each one has been given measure of faith.” Romans 10:17 – Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”
Chart: 1. Believe – does not require me to comprehend – but belief is my choice – not my understanding.
2. Apply to me – make it real.
3. Lay my life down into the word.. He reads my heart – does not judge my words.
4. Synergy – the Holy Spirit and my spirit produce a substance and a power much beyond one by itself. The addictive characteristics within us is designed by God so we would want more and more of Him. The supernatural, synergistic power of God far out weigh the high of chemical induced highs.
5. Life flowing in God power through flesh in a knowable-see-able way.
I’m in training, Romans 8:1 – “There is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.” Perpetual motion – like a wheel, constantly moving and at the same time moving forward.
“He never sets us up to fail. He has give us much and then more. Our expectations and our perspectives will determined the quality of our life. Our reality must become the reality of the Word in Life. The world’s perspective has nothing but death. When we taste that which is good in Jesus, you want more.” (Hannah and root beer – best taste ever).
“In Jesus Christ we are like “tigger” – we bounce everywhere. We are no longer “Egor” – downcast all the way. We bounce because of Him. If we choose to grovel and live poorly, we are still saved and loved. We, instead, have much more – life superabundantly. It is a change in perspective that determines all the difference. In this place, we cannot miss the mark. We become an example of God’s grace. Messing up becomes an avenue of more grace – grace through that will train us. We are not important enough to be an except to His rule of forgiveness given in Christ Jesus. Do not go into condemnation with it, just let it go.
I am empowered to release – my actions and others actions cannot determine how I think and how I feel, if I will choose to do so. FORGIVEN! IS A REALITY STATEMENT.
We have the power of Jesus Christ. We are working much harder than needed in order to live in (or even find) the abundant life.
internal rules > attitude > actions We need to examine the underneath reason we do what we do. We need to receive a perspective from the word and then allow those to be the driving force.
The transformation of the mind is the adjustment of the mind to receive the Word as truth. Then the attitude and the actions change. To try to change the actions is law – to transform what is inside is grace. We need to shift our preceptors – I am going to believe the Word. As we make the choices – everything will catch up.

She did not attempt to get everything in. You can see it was anything but dull. She has a very unique way of making everything very practical.
Tonight I will finish chapter 5 and go directly into chapter 6. Thanks for tuning in. Of course all is available on DVD or CD from Psalm 19.

Friday Evening Session

We began about 7:40 pm (a few minutes late to get us all together) and the worship was wonderful. The highlight of that time was our worshiping with “It is Well.” I thought I would just be transported as we sang about our sin being all gone and His return. The trumpet was a nice addition to the worship ensemble. What a delightful time of worship through song.

The worship continued as we worked with the concept that when we understand the Word of God, it is an “seeing” experience. It is not just a mental grasping of what the Word says, but an experience with it that enables us to receive it in faith. We worked with the Israelites being afraid of the voice of God (Exodus 20) and the Hebrew says they were “seeing the voices.” Then we looked at Habakuk 2:1 where the prophet says he will wait “to see what the Lord will say to me.” Again, an understanding that he will “see” what is said. So we purposely expected to see as we pondered His word.

We reviewed (for most of us) Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Romans. Then we took chapter 4 and began working about 1/2 way through it in the understanding that the Lord gives righteousness to the ungodly. Then Paul added that where there is no law, there is no violation. What an amazing thing. In grace, no speeding tickets because there is no speed limit. This will revolutionize our lives if we can grasp it and walk in it.

We touched on Titus 2:11-12 with a knowing that grace is not permissive, but is instead our teacher of how to live godly and holy lives. That means the favor of God is very different that the common understanding of “anything goes.” That is not a true understanding of the grace and righteousness that we have been given.

Our evening included the beginning of Romans 5 and working with our theme “Much More,” we are beginning to see we are not to be “beggar Christians” with a constant consciousness of sin. (Hebrews 9-10) The challenge is to believe the Word and begin to allow the truth of it to sink into our lives. God has poured His love into our hearts – therefore we are able to receive His love and to love others.

In the morning we are to work in Chapter 5 once again. Lauren is teaching. So any of you on-duty prayer warriors, remember her before the Throne. It will be a delightful time in Him. It has been a good evening to begin our time. One of our folk is an ordained minister of a nearby church and he was very complimentary regarding my translation we are using in our study and about the concepts we are digging into. It was a blessing to talk with him.

Thanks for reading. I know this is a “brief-over” but its purpose is to allow you to share with us just a bit the goodness of the Word.

Winter Conference

I apologize once again to my readers for being so absent from writing on this blog. My life has been so very busy these past few weeks (teaching, family, etc…) I have done little except think about Mannaword. so I am intending to change all that beginning today.

We are off to Winter Conference here at Psalm 19 and I am very excited about our ministry time away. It is also nice that my husband and daughter are a part of this with me and will be helping at conference. In fact, my daughter Lauren will be teaching 1/2 of the time. My husband Joe, is on our worship team (keyboard) and then is in charge of the digital recording, both DVD and CD. So we are all quite busy, but we love the time.

We have a small group coming, but that only means it can be more intimate and class-like in it design. It will give us an opportunity for interaction that is not do-able with a larger group. We will be digging into the Word, and I have promised them we will not be in shallow water.

What I am hoping to do is to blog through the conference. The Conference Center where we will be is wifi-ed, so it should work. So stay tuned and let’s see if I can give you just a taste of what the Lord is doing among us as we travel in His Word.