Today has been a study day as I am teaching tonight in church at our mid-week service. I am teaching #4 in “Building Community.” Tonight I am working with “Expectation.” I will try to leave you a summary of that teaching later tonight or in the morning. Tomorrow is also a study day as I am speaking at our Friday Fellowship at 7 pm and also teaching in the “Doctrine Seminar” at my local church on Saturday morning.

I am delighted to have discovered “Kindle for Mac.” It is a free downloadable app for Macs that provides a Kindle reader. I downloaded it earlier today and have enjoyed reading a good portion of Isaiah on it. It is delightful. I have tried several other readers for my MacBook, but always ended up in disappointment because of no easy connections to the books. But this is seamless and very delightful to read. I think it is available for PC’s too – you might want to go to Amazon and check it out.

I have put another slide show on our Psalm 19 web site. Just go there and click “video’s,” and the new one is on top. It is of our February 19 Friday Fellowship. These are Diane Hernandez photo’s and I use them with permission. Enjoy.

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