Sunday Morning – Lauren Godfrey

After delightful worship, we celebrated communion together (you will see the covered chalice on the table with the Bible), and then Lauren concluded the conference with a “how-to” lesson on Romans 6. The above clip will give you a very good taste of the session.

The conference was warm, informative and precious. We learned and experienced our Lord in many ways. He is so good and very awesome.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning – Lauren Godfrey

  • Thank you very much Iris for posting this. I love listening to both you and you daughter and how you make sense of scripture as it is intended in spirit and in truth. Blessings my friend.

    • It is always a delight to watch the Lord work through her.
      I keep trying to comment on your very fine writings on your blog – so appreciate the one on the Elder Brother. I too grew up in the church etc… so can really relate there.
      However, my comments do not register there for some reason. Just want you to know I do read.
      Bless you!

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