Right Because of Him

I am away at our Fall Conference and it is going very well. Pastor Chris Scarinzi is our guest speaker (last night and this morning). It is a powerful time in the Lord with excellent Word presented and the demonstration of His power everywhere. Awesome!

This post is really not about that, however. I have just read some of the blogs I frequent, and am amazed at how we try to prove we are right about something in the Lord. I am not right because someone else is wrong. Undoubtedly we are both wrong in the light of the knowledge of the Holy One. All who name the name of the Lord Jesus Christ are made righteous (right? – could it really be?) in Him. Otherwise, we need to understand we are wrong about much. That’s really O.K., and I am always learning in the Word His provision for me, even when I really do not “get it.” However, I believe we need to do more encouraging rather than finding fault and being critical — that too is Biblical.

Just needed to verbalize that. Now, I feel better. Even in saying this — it has a critical edge. Forgive that. Just be encouraged in Him.

2 thoughts on “Right Because of Him

  • The absolutes I once would have bet my life on have fallen away to open doors and windows to new realities. The only thing I know I can count on as being right and true is Him and His Word. Iris, I do like what you say here and I think I am understanding you. It seems the more I live, experience and try to understand the things of this life, the more I realize there are dimensions to this walk and reality in the Lord that I will not reach while here on earth. The more I know, it seems the more there is to know and it also seems there are many ways to look at things. We do not live in a black and white world. There are many hues of gray.

  • Hi Friend,

    Thanks so for reading for for commenting. I do plan to get back to more thoughtful “stuff” after Thanksgiving. The ministry has been really, really busy and all that is good but does interfere with blogging two ways; 1-No time; 2-I’ve said everything I have thought (not really, but it seems so) and really have no more in me to write about. Who ever would have thought a woman could ever say all she needed to say!
    Anyway, I’ll be back soon.

    It sounds like you are doing well and I am delighted. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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