It Seems To Me. . .

It seems to me that if we really spend time with our Lord Jesus, then our interior motives will undergo a constant and consistent change in grace. He is grace and He is the awesome God of the universe. How can we spend time with Him and yet not change in our inner most being?

I am not talking about what might be call “the discipline of prayer.” It seems to me the “discipline of prayer” might indeed be done as a discipline without any personal flow of shared spirit and Spirit interacting. I am talking about really sharing our lives in His presence — not just an intellectual understanding of that, but a reality of sharing. When that really is happening, dynamic and exciting change occurs within us.

It seems to me we work a lot with the matter of sin, yet consistently overlook the motive underneath that is the cause of such behavior. If our motive is being empowered in Him, then our behavior really is shifted.

It just seems to me. . .

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