Back to Blogging!

I have just enjoyed a delightful vacation and return to the blogosphere. It seems there are a couple of controversies brewing. Both of these come and go among the bloggers I read. One is on Bible translation: specifically the battle between the ESV and the TNIV. As far as I can discern this entire controversy is driven by marketing — in its core. Those who blog are sincere in their attempt to get at truth — but the fact of the problem is simply money — which translation can we get people convinced to buy.

When I am asked which translation I would recommend (among the many we have available in the states), my answer is a simple one, “Whatever one  you will read.” When you come to study, then you will need to look at the pro’s and con’s of several so a good decision can be made for you. Whatever you do, do not make that decision based on what translation a prominent figure recommends. Do some serious work with the translation on-line first (Biblegateway has most of them available for you). Ask your Pastor or Bible teacher. They are the ones you are studying with. This is not a critical decision that will keep you safe or lead you astray. Most translations provide a good overall understanding — true and balanced.

The second controversy is about scholarly women blogging. This one is interesting to me — funny thing. I have for many years felt badly that we were not having good scholarly type books about Scripture being written by women — now the controversy is about blogging. We have lots of women bloggers, but not many who work with the Word other than just a devotional nature. It is an interesting thought to me.

There are a few who write  biblioblogs. I do not yet qualify for that classification (my own internal qualifications) but there are several very scholarly blogs I follow which are written by women who also do not register there. So I guess I wonder where the stats come from about this question.

Anyway — I am back to blogging and will be posting more soon. Keep reading His word and watch Him delight your heart!

4 thoughts on “Back to Blogging!

  1. This post made me smile, both inside and out. I love that you are so open and practical. Your words of wisdom will not fall on deaf hears. God uses you with each encounter with other people. How amazing is he? Simply AMAZING! Your last line in this post really touched my heart today. Hope all is well in your corner and hoping one day we will find ourselves in the same corner if only for a little while.

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