Best Kept Secret

bestkeptsecretThis item comes to us from asbojesus. He gives permission to use his creative work freely. This speaks volumes to my heart and I thought it an appropriate beginning to my work with this WordPress blog.

We have been lavished with His grace (Ephesians 1:7-8) and I believe in this season of time the Holy Spirit is beginning to breath on those who are the Lords and reveal to us the massive nature of our redemption and empowerment in Him through grace.

I teach that grace is the air we breath in the Kingdom of God. We see by faith and we breath grace. I am certain all the other senses and necessities have their corollaries in the Spirit, but I do not know what they all are. (Discernment is like smelling — I keep listening). But grace is free and open and without it one does not live in Spirit.

Grace makes up for what we very clearly are not, by giving us all that the Lord Jesus Christ is — pure, sinless, holy, full of Spirit, on and on. He lavishes the nature of our God on our being and empowers us to live in and through the “koinonia” (common life) in Him as revealed in John 17 and Acts 2:42.

So, there becomes an out-flow of grace from our beings one to one another. How can it be otherwise? So instead of being a secret to humanity, His grace becomes our life expression – life-giving, encouraging, uplifting, loving, caring and increasing others in Him.

WOW! The secret is out — it is showing all over you.

7 thoughts on “Best Kept Secret

  • Iris, congrats on your move and a wonderful post to kick things off.

    Grace is actually my favorite word. It means so much to me. In fact, my three-year old daughter’s name is Charis, the Greek word for “Grace.”

  • Singing Owl, thanks so for visiting me and reading. You are a blessing.

    tc, I am really enjoying WordPress! It is a sweet program to work with. Thanks for visiting me here. I always enjoy your blog entries.

  • Very nice Iris…how are you doing? I haven’t seen or heard much from you since our meeting. Did you get my e-mail in reply to yours? I enjoyed meeting you so much and look forward to more encounters with you. Blessings my friend and sister.

  • much2ponder – Hi Friend. I am around — just have had a busy schedule for a few days and now have a cold. But I am in my Lazy-boy and able to type on my MacBook. I do love these little machines. Yes, I did get your precious email. Thank you! I, too, reflect on our time with joy and sweetness. I trust you are doing well and appreciating the warmer weather. Thinking of you and blessing you my Friend! Thanks for staying in touch.

    • (((Iris)))
      Praying you are feeling better today. I wanted to ask you if you have any new teachings on CD or DVD that I can purchase…I am hungry. Been doing some daily devotionals and listening to sermons on line, but I need something more. Not ready to take the leap just yet back into the world of the church, but I feel it coming down the road. We are talking about looking at some other denominations. Pray with me will you that we are open to the leading of the spirit. I fear at times that the voice of God is drown out by my own voice. Blessings to you my friend.

      • Hi Lady,
        Good to hear from you! I am better, thank you, but still resting and trying not to infect others with my presence. So it has been a quiet Sunday. I have had a good time with listening on the net to some teachings for seminary students on preaching — learned a lot.
        I do have some new CD’s — will have some send to you. You bless me by being so hungry. I pray they are helpful. Thank you for your prayers and friendship.

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